Ways You Can Make Your Child and Yourself Happier

There is a way that researchers have found to bring happiness any time in the day. It starts with a little practice which involves remembering at least three points in the entire day to be grateful about. You can do it while you are on a bed and about to sleep. This practice is so effective that it changes your perspective of looking at every day’s life. The major benefit is that you will be able to get happy almost immediately.

There are a few reasons for the effectiveness of this little technique.

  • The first reason is that the state of gratitude is very similar to that of love. Scientists have noticed that when you show gratitude, you heartbeat gets into a healthy rhythm. When you ask meditators, they would say that gratitude opens your heart.

  • The state of gratitude allows us to look at the positive things only. And when we are able to look at the positive things, the life becomes much better for us than the past. So, you need to take this fact into consideration that there is definitely something to be grateful and happy about even if there are more of the bad thing around us. This is what can make us feel better. And when it happens, we are naturally ready to face the toughest of challenges in our lives.
  • This point is about the positive result which comes as a result of showing gratitude. When we are happy and grateful, we are basically programming our subconscious to find opportunities for being grateful. As a result, we get to find those opportunities in a better way.

Now, you can start practicing this method to bring happiness in your life. If you are a parent, you can make your kid’s life better using this technique. Remember, the children can be happier and more obedient when you show them some gratitude. This way, they feel appreciated and understood. That’s what a child primarily needs from his/her parents. And then, the kid will be motivated and more than happy to move in the right direction.

One thing worth noticing here is that your child doesn’t have to show perfection in order to earn your appreciation. In fact, we need to accept our children with all of their shortcomings and behavioral gaps.  Then, moving towards appreciating the children for good actions actually motivates them to move in the good direction.

Furthermore, your appreciation to the children shouldn’t be limited to a few instances. You can appreciate your child for as many times as you can, but make sure that you are not losing enthusiasm at any of the instances especially when you are playing games with them such as power wheel. That will make your appreciation, somehow, fabricated and it fails to motivate children for good actions.

When you are successful in the process, you would be able to see the relationship and connection between you and your child blossom.