Tips for Installing Bifold Door

Millions of houses, apartments and condos worldwide employ bifold doors. The main reason for bifold doors’ popularity is that they are lightweight, easy to handle, cost effective and reliable. Good news is that you can install a bifold door without acquiring anyone’s help.

Below is a simple guide to walk you through the process of installing a bifold door if you have already bought it from ukbifold.

  • First you will need to acquire the tools that you are going to use during the process of door installation. The tools include, tape measure, head screw driver, pincers, drill bits, claw hammer, assorted nails, driver bit, combination square, pencil, packers, hand saw, cordless drill, chisel, assorted screws, spirit level, and builders ruler.


  • Items that you will need for door fitting would be bottom pivot, spanner, jamb bracket, head track & trims, bifold leaves, assorted screw pack, and two top pivots.
  • Now start from removing the old swinging door. You will also need to remove the jamb along with that door.
  • Now you will have an empty slot where the door could be fixed. Measure this space because you will need it for fixing the new jamb and purchasing the new bifold door.


  • Use the measurement to make a new jamb. You can get help by having a look at the old jamb.
  • Fix the jamb in the door space hammer a few long nails through the jamb into the wall.
  • Bottom jamb bracket is used to keep one end of the door fixed, while upper track provides the sliding path as well as the bracket’s functionality on the top. Make sure that bottom jamb bracket and upper track are aligned in the center of the jamb’s width.
  • Proceed with the track installation. For that purpose, make sure that track has been cut to the exact size of door’s opening. Use the screw to fix it in the upper jamb. Ensure that center of track is pushed a little upward to make way for the door when it closes.

  • To install the jamb bracket at the bottom, make sure that pivot slot of bracket is in perfect alignment with pivot slot in the track fixed on upper jamb. Use screws to fix this bracket with the jamb and floor.
  • Unpack the bifold leaves. Sealing of top and bottom of the leaves should be done with undercoats. Paint the door sides which would face each other and the jamb when the door will be closed.
  • Insert the male fixed pivots in the bottom of the door, and spring male pivots on the top side of door. The fixed pivot will go into the pivot slot bottom jamb bracket. The top spring pivot will be hooked into the upper track’s pivot slot.
  • To create horizontal movement function with the bifold leaves, the bottom jamb bracket’s screw needs to be loosened a bit. Then make adjustments by moving the pivot slot. Screw it again to fix it. Do the same with upper track too.

  • Vertical alignment is concerned with lowering or raising the bifold leaved with the help of a nut which is fixed on jamb bracket. Use a spanner to rotate it clockwise or anticlockwise.
  • Door trims need to be installed against the hinges. Install trims on the side of track and on the both sides’ jamb.
  • Read the manual to figure out the place in the door where you can fix the knob.

Thats it! Above mentioned bifold door installation guide would definitely help you in this project.