Why Faux Stone Panels are Ideal for Exterior Designing

faux stone for exterior wallsAlthough it is a costly practice but designing a home using stones is something that everybody loves. The looks and style make the stones on exterior walls something worth witnessing. Stones naturally come in so many designs and colors that if you stick with only a few types, you can make the walls to emit the colorful sights. However, the selection of design and color may also depend upon the climate of area where the house would be situated. One thing, nonetheless, is common and that is the expenditure of reasonable amount of extra money to bring that design to the house.

Good news is that the same look of stone on the exterior walls is what you can get and that too in the fraction of price with faux stone panels. Here are the reasons why faux stone panels are ultimate idea for home decoration.

  • Although the faux stone panels are fake because they consist of polyurethane rather than stone, but you will admit the work done to make it imitating the stone in a precise way. The textures and grooves in these panels bring the look of an agitated surface as that of the real stone on the walls.
  • Perhaps the very reason for the popularity of faux stone panels is cost. Polyurethane, with the best quality, is many times cheap as compared to the real stones. Moreover, since these panels are manufactured locally, you can cut down the cost of shipping. Hence, you might be playing a role in strengthening the nation’s economy by going for faux stone panels.
  • Unlike the real stones, faux stone panels might not need you to go for the labor because of easy installation. You can create sophisticated designs on your exterior by yourself. For this purpose, most of the faux stone panel manufacturers provide how-to manuals that can guide through the process of exterior and interior designing with faux stones.
  • The cheap cost and better design of these panels might bring a question of durability in your mind. The good news is these panels are made to endure the effects of hot and cold weathers. Moreover, the close cell structure of polyurethane doesn’t allow moisture to do the damage. Hence, your faux stone panels are made to keep your home’s exterior decorated for decades.

With all the benefits of faux stone panels, you may wonder if the real stone could keep its significance. Answer to this question is that you can go for the real stone to bring sophistication in design of your house but you will need extra big budget for that. And therefore, the faux stone paneling is the best alternate if you want a cost effective and equally lavish decoration solution.

Home Beautification with Faux Stone Panels

Faux Stones for Home DecorationA home is a place where we not only live but it is also deemed to represent its inhabitants. This is the reason that we make customizations to the design and decoration. All this is done to create a sensation of comfort and authority in a place where we live.

To decorate the home’s interior and exterior; we take help from paints, wall panels and different decorative items that, with the help of some artistic touch, can make the home an adorable and comfortable place. One of the best designing ideas in this regard is the use of faux stone panels. Faux stones, as the name explains, are fake stones textured and colored to give an outlook of the real stones. Faux stone panels have replaced the real stones quickly and convincingly and it is evident from the fact that many people now consider using faux stone panels rather paneling the walls with real stones.

The mighty good reason for the selection of faux stone panels over real stones is the cost. It is a simple math that buying real stones, cutting them to resize them according to the wall, attaching every stone one by one and taking care of design is not only costly but also time consuming. The faux stone panels, on the other hand, are predesigned panels. The good thing is that different panels can be combined to make a complex design and it will be convenient.

Less expense of faux stone panels absolutely doesn’t mean that these panels are of low quality or lack durability. Perhaps, it is the second most considerable benefit of faux stone panels that these are still highly inexpensive despite being able to provide equal quality. This is due to the material used in the making of faux stone panels. Faux stone panels are usually made of polyurethane. The only matter you need to be concerned about is to look for the panels with high quality polyurethane.

The designs of faux stone panels never seize to amaze. With the rich texture of these panels, it is now hard to differentiate between real and faux stones. As a matter of fact, the faux stone panels can be even more stylish and beautiful because its installation is savior for both cost and time. Hence, you can be innovative as much as you like while installing the Faux Stone Panels.