Guide to Build a Pool – Within Your Budget

Everyone would agree that swimming pool is the most exciting portion that a home can have. You can have wonderful summer time with your family and friends if you have a pool in your home. The hurting part is that a pool may require an investment that might let you have an apartment. Nevertheless, a smart approach would not only make the pool building process convenient but cost effective too. For this, you may seek professional help such as Abilene Pool Builders.

Some tips that can help you in building a pool are as under.

Laws about Zoning

It is important to get a knowhow about the zoning codes in order to know about your authority to build a pool. Certainly, every state allows you to build a pool in your backyard but there are restrictions on size, position and depth of the pool to be built. With that said, you will also need to get permission from concerned authorities.


Measures for Safety of Pool

If you read the local codes, you will find out that there are safety recommendations for the pool. These recommendations mainly involve putting barriers on the pool’s side, and installing the security devices. If you have children in your family, you might need to deploy child-lock systems at pool’s entrance in order to avoid any undesirable accident.


The Pool Types

With the wide variety of pools, you have the option to go for the specific one that suits best for you. However, we will narrow down the types into three main categories.

  • One is the in-ground pool. In-ground pools belong to the luxurious pool’s category. Building this pool is a costly practice but you get a pool with bigger life span.
  • Above-the-ground pools are less expensive but they have shorter life span as compared to the in-ground pools. However, the best feature of these pools is that they are very easy to assemble due to their metallic body.
  • Another cost effective option is to install a hot tub in your house. The hot tub can provide you with necessary relaxation that you need after a nerve-wracking day.

Pool Building Cost

Since building a pool is a luxury arrangement, it costs like a luxury arrangement. An average 600 square feet pool costs at least $30,000. The features like lighting, heating, fencing etc. can easily raise this total up to $100,000.

You can hire a contractor to build a pool for you but expect an expenditure of at least 40,000 with that. The features mentioned above aren’t included in this price.

You might get your requirement of having a pool fulfilled in no more than $4000 if you are considering an above-ground pool. Currently available above-ground pools can last 2 – 3 years. That is surely the best you can get in a low cost.


Building a pool doesn’t enhance the value of your home considerably if it is located in an area of moderate status. However, a pool certainly gives boost to your home value if it is situated in a posh area.

Apart from that, let’s not mention the value of pool here. The enjoyment and fun you can have with a pool is surely worth the price that you pay for it.